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Work, Personal, and Other - AnyTime Organizer
Color code different areas of your life—work, personal, other—then view your appointments, contacts, to-dos, and more for those areas separately or at the same time.

Individuals using the AnyTime Organizer Deluxe for single-users can organize both their personal and professional life, while small offices and work groups using AnyTime Organizer Premier network license for multi-users can organize multiple schedules, tasks and projects and stay in sync with the entire office.

AnyTime Organizer
Personal Organizer Software for Individuals
Single-User Consumer Software
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AnyTime Organizer Premier
Organizer Software for Small Offices & Work Groups
Multi-User Network License
» AnyTime Organizer Premier

Easy, Complete & Works the Way You Do

Day Planner with user-friendly interface.
Day Planner with user-friendly interface.
Calendar — Organize your calendar for work, personal, or other groups and filter to view one at a time. Schedule events, calls, tasks and appointments, and avoid conflicts.
  • View your schedule and appointments by day, week, month, and year.
  • Add recurring events and meetings.
  • Simply drag-and-drop to reschedule.
  • Create a PDF of any layout and e-mail your schedule to others.
  • Organize one or multiple calendars all in one place.

Prioritize your To-Dos and complete more tasks.
Prioritize your To-Dos and complete more tasks.
To-Do Lists — Increase your productivity and get ahead. Prioritize and manage your To-Do lists, and accomplish tasks on time. Choose from a number of To-Do layouts to suit your work style. Print and check accomplishments as you go.
  • Check off To-Dos as completed.
  • Record all of the things you have done.
  • Set deadlines or track untimed To-Dos.
  • Prioritize and sub-prioritize your To-Dos.
  • Categorize your To-Dos by assigning to different groups.

Organize your address book and stay connected.
Organize your address book and stay connected.
Address Book & Contacts — Keep a detailed record of every contact. AnyTime Organizer offers you the easiest way to stay organized and in touch with the important people in your business and personal life.
  • Keep a history of meetings, tasks, and notes.
  • Simply drag-and-drop to schedule calls.
  • Date and time stamps are added automatically.
  • Add photos for each person as a quick visual.
  • Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and special events for all of your contacts.

*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service — 1998 — August 2011, #1 best-selling Organizer publisher in cumulative unit sales. Organizer category defined by Individual Software using NPD's Information Management category.
**Some awards, reviews, and quotes refer to previous versions of AnyTime Organizer. The latest versions are an improvement on previous versions.
AnyTime Organizer is Ideal for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profit Volunteers
  • Busy Families
  • Students
  • Small Offices

Key Benefits
  • All-in-one, ready-to-use software
  • Easy, complete & works the way you do
  • Improve efficiency & save time
  • Increase productivity & achieve goals
  • Get organized & stay organized
  • Avoid schedule conflicts
  • Always be on time for meetings
  • Never forget a special event
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Synchronize your data with your mobile devices
  • Print & take your calendar, To-Do lists & contacts on-the-go or share with others by e-mail

Consumer vs. Multi-User Products
Consumer software (Personal Organizer) are licensed for one person. Multi-user, licensed products (for Small Offices & Work Groups) are uniquely designed for use in an office setting where two or more people use the software.

It is illegal to use a consumer product in a multi-user environment.

Recent Awards & Reviews**

Gold Award - TopTenREVIEWS
Gold Award — TopTenREVIEWS

TopShareWare.com - Editor's Choice
TopShareWare.com — Editor's Choice

Computer Times - Editor's Choice
Computer Times — Editor's Choice

As a busy mom, AnyTime helps me stay on top of my kids' sports schedules, school assignments, chores, meals, and doctor appointments.
— Julie Spencer, Working Mother


We schedule everything-court appearances, depositions, and client meetings. I have a separate to-do list for each case and have never missed a filing deadline.
— Julian M. Anderson, Esq. Attorney


...an excellent tool for small businesses...to schedule meetings for busy people whose individual schedules are all over the place.
— PC User Group, Bits and Bytes


AnyTime is a colorful organizer that combines the familiarity of paper tools with the ease of computers.
— PC Laptop

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